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If you want to buy exhibition counters for your event, it is becoming increasingly important that they are mobile and flexible and can be easily assembled and dismantled by the exhibitor themselves. The practical, transportable exhibition counters are an ideal solution for companies that want a professional presentation at trade fairs, exhibitions or promotional events. Mobile exhibition counters are characterized above all by their high level of flexibility and mobility. Thanks to their light weight and simple construction, they can be easily transported from one event to the next. This feature is particularly important for companies that regularly take part in various trade fairs and events. Exhibition counters are also impressive due to their user-friendliness. Most models are designed so that they can be assembled and dismantled without tools and in just a few minutes. This not only saves time, but also costs, as no exhibition builders trained in assembly are required. Many of our mobile exhibition counters are compact and space-saving. Packed in the appropriate transport containers, they take up very little space, which makes transport and storage easier. This means that even small vehicles or storage areas can be used efficiently. Our exhibition counters are available in various designs and sizes so that they can be easily adapted to different needs and circumstances. Whether as a reception counter, information stand or promotional counter - mobile exhibition counters are versatile and can be individually designed to reflect the company's corporate identity.

Mobile exhibition counters are used in a variety of scenarios. At trade fairs and exhibitions, mobile exhibition counters serve as a central point of contact for visitors. They offer space for information materials, brochures and promotional gifts and enable stand staff to specifically address and inform interested parties. Exhibition counters are also indispensable elements at promotional events and roadshows. They can be quickly set up at different locations and offer a professional presentation area for products and services. With attractive graphics, they attract the attention of potential customers and promote brand awareness. Mobile exhibition counters are also used at conferences and seminars. Here they often serve as reception or registration counters where participants can pick up their documents and find out about the course of the event. Last but not least, mobile counters are also used in retail and at the point of sale (POS). They can be set up as temporary sales stands, information points or promotional counters and help to market products in a targeted manner and increase sales.

There are different types of mobile exhibition counters, each of which offers specific advantages and is suitable for different areas of application. Some of the most common types are presented below:

1. LED counters
LED counters are an innovative solution for companies that want to stand out from the crowd at trade fairs and events. These modern exhibition counters combine the functionality of classic exhibition counters with the impressive effect of LED lighting.

2. Foldable exhibition counters
Foldable exhibition counters are particularly light and compact. They can be set up and dismantled quickly and are therefore ideal for mobile use. Their low weight and space-saving design make them ideal for transport in small vehicles.

3. Pop-up counters
Pop-up counters are characterized by their ease of use and quick assembly. They consist of a stable frame and a printable graphic surface that can be easily replaced. These counters offer a large presentation area and are particularly eye-catching.

4. Modular counters
Modular counters offer the advantage that they can be individually adapted and expanded. They consist of individual modules that can be put together as required. This flexibility makes it possible to adapt the counters to different stand sizes and areas of application.

Investing in mobile exhibition counters is worthwhile in the long term, as they not only make it easier to organize and hold events, but also have a positive influence on the perception of the company. The attractive design of the exhibition counters and the possibility of individual design leave a lasting impression on visitors and thus promote business success. In a world that is becoming increasingly mobile and flexible, mobile exhibition counters are an indispensable tool for modern marketing and successful trade fair appearances.


Comparison of different exhibition counters:

ALU-PRO Counter

ALU-PRO counters are high-quality, foldable exhibition counters that are available in various designs and sizes. Since this counter model can be easily folded up, it can be transported in a carrying bag to save space. The basic structure of the exhibition counter consists of aluminum profiles with rounded edges and framed shelves. Continuous hinges ensure maximum stability and quality. All ALU-PRO counter models have a shelf on the back. Counters with a straight back wall can be equipped with a lockable door set on request. The ALU-PRO counters can be assembled very easily and without tools by one person. Front and side panels can be provided with an individual graphic print.


LED counters are an eye-catcher and the focal point of every exhibition stand. Our bestseller is the mobile LED exhibition counter ALU STAR PLUS. The basic structure of the counter consists of a plug-in aluminum profile that is already equipped with LED modules. Thanks to the simple plug-in mechanism, the counter can be set up and ready for use in a short time. A textile slide with your advertising graphics is stretched onto the 1x1 m counter front. The ALU STAR PLUS exhibition counter has a shelf on the back and, if desired, a lockable set of doors. The complete exhibition counter can be conveniently packed in a rollable transport case made of lightweight ABS plastic.

Expand PodiumCase

The Expand PodiumCase exhibition counter is a very special counter model because it can be used both as a rollable transport case and as an attractive counter. The transport case can be converted into a spacious exhibition counter in just a few easy steps. To do this, simply remove the lid from the transport case, unfold the transport case body lengthways and then place the foldable counter top, which can be ordered as an option, on top. The counter top is available in black, white, oak, birch and aluminum. To ensure that your exhibition counter immediately catches the eye, the front of the counter is provided with an individually printed graphic banderol. If desired, the back of the counter can be equipped with shelves on which your brochures or advertising material can be placed. The Expand PodiumCase counter offers generous storage space and is a smart solution for all your events. The Expand PodiumCase can be used as a counter version with the body unfolded or as a desk version with the body closed.

Counter Easy

One of our most affordable exhibition counters is the "Easy" counter. The visually appealing counter is available in two different sizes - as an "M" and "L" version. Even inexperienced exhibitors can set up this exhibition counter quickly and easily. The counter is simply unfolded using a simple hinge mechanism, the supplied shelf is inserted and the counter top is placed on the counter structure. Done! If desired, the counter front can be printed with an individual image or company logo. The Easy exhibition counter is ideal for all applications where things have to be done quickly and the counter needs to be set up in just a few minutes. A transport bag can be ordered as an option.

GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

Our most cost-effective LED counter is the GRID Lightbox Counter. The system structure of this illuminated exhibition counter consists of a small folding display, similar to the well-known scissor grid exhibition walls. An LED curtain is hung in the scissor grid structure, which illuminates the advertising graphics applied to the front. If desired, up to three shelves can be installed on the back of the counter. The GRID Lightbox Counter can be easily set up even by exhibition stand construction beginners and is extremely quick. The counter tops are available in either white or silver. A trolley made of black canvas is available for transport.

Twist Basic

Twist is an innovative exhibition counter that can be used as a flexible, column-shaped counter or as a standing table. The counter top is supplied in silver. Twist can be set up in seconds with a single twist. Once the silver counter structure is in place, the fields between the vertical struts are fitted with eight individually printed click panels measuring 38.8 x 50 cm. Transparent click panels can also be used as an option to use the exhibition counter as a display case, either in whole or in part. The Twist exhibition counter has a shelf that is permanently integrated into the system. It can be folded up to a compact size for transport and transported as a complete system in a trolley.

Our customers’ exhibition counters

Our exhibition counters have proven their versatility and quality in numerous projects. An outstanding example is the collaboration with Fressnapf, a leading supplier of pet food. Here we combined an illuminated exhibition wall with our best-selling LED counter ALU STAR PLUS, which attracts the attention of visitors with its dynamic lighting. The lockable doors that were mounted on the back of the counter provided additional security and order at the exhibition stand. The individually printed slide covering of the counter impressively presented the company's motto. The quick and tool-free assembly of our counter made preparation easier for the stand staff and enabled a stress-free start to the trade fair. Another project was the exhibition stand of the software manufacturer Glory Global Solutions. Here the challenge was to deliver an elegant and at the same time functional counter that perfectly matched the brand. The choice fell on our PENTA-LOOOP® counter, which has an extremely flexible assembly mechanism. This special counter model forms an optimal symbiosis with the ALU LightUp LED exhibition wall, which is positioned in the background of the exhibition stand. For recruiting fairs, we have developed a tailor-made solution for budget-oriented customers, as the IG Metall exhibition stand project shows. The combination of an Expand PodiumCase counter and a cost-effective ZippWall exhibition wall offers sufficiently large presentation areas at an attractive price in impressive quality.

Our reference projects show that we can supply the right exhibition counters for a wide variety of industries and requirements. Whether high-tech companies, software manufacturers, healthcare providers or educational institutions - our flexible and high-quality counter solutions make a significant contribution to a successful trade fair appearance. Through individual customization options, easy handling and attractive design, we ensure that our customers can present themselves optimally and leave a lasting impression.

MKI Industrieservice GmbH

Twist Basic + MODULAB Safe LED counter



Glory Global Solutions

Exhibition counter PENTA-LOOOP®


GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

Sik Tec GmbH

Counter Easy

IG Metall

Expand PodiumCase

Lupus Alpha

ALU-PRO Counter



HERRMANN Apparatebau GmbH

Twist Basic counter

Freudenberg SE

Expand PodiumCase

Candela Laser Deutschland GmbH

GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

Etex Building Performance GmbH

PopUp Counter



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